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        Company introduction

        Beijing Jin Zhaobo High Strength Fasteners Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 as "Beijing Tongzhou Zhaobo Hardware Store", specializing in providing fasteners for construction and metal processing services. In 2004, registered limited company; in 2006, additional registered capital to 5 million, the main business lock "fasteners for steel structures"; in 2014, additional registered capital to 52 million, "is the national high-tech enterprises, one of the largest fasteners enterprises in Beijing, is the fastener manufacturing experts in the field of steel structures.

        The total business area of the company is over 45,000 square meters, with a floor area of 20,000 square meters, with hot heading workshop, cold heading workshop, heat treatment workshop, Dacromet surface treatment workshop, hot galvanizing workshop, packaging workshop, independent laboratory, with a variety of mechanical equipment and testing equipment more than 170 sets (sets). The company currently has 160 employees, including 20 senior engineers, engineers and technicians. The company mainly has a marketing department, sales department, e-commerce department, production department, technical department, quality inspection department, storage and transportation department, finance department, the general agency, the coordination between the various departments, to abide by their duties.

        The company has always been to "provide customers with efficient and convenient service and qualified quality products, and create a pleasant trading process for customers" as the mission! Advocated by the fastener manufacturing chain-wide coverage + specialization + scale and excellent team building is the core competitiveness of the company, annual output of GB, ASTM, JIS, EN, AS standard steel structure fastener capacity of more than 30,000 tons. In 2006, the company obtained the right to operate independently. In 2007, the "JN" brand fastener products were rated as high-quality products in the industry. In 2008, the company passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification. In 2009, the company's products were recognized by the China Quality Assurance Center as the national fastener industry "quality assurance. National standard qualified products", 20. It passed SGS factory certification in 11 years, CE safety certification in 2013, CE3.1 quality system certification in 2015, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001-2007 occupational health management system certification in 2016, FPC quality system certification in Singapore in 2017, and 15 national patents in total. 
          The company owns 3 domestic advanced controllable atmosphere net belt continuous heat treatment production lines, 1 automatic production line for phosphorus saponification and blackening surface treatment, 2 production lines for reforming raw materials, 6 multi-station cold upsetting machines, 4 nuts cold upsetting machines, and all the fasteners are moderately permeable and all of them are advanced in China. High precision fixed bench press forming (3 sets); high strength rolling machine 9, punch, press 6, hot galvanizing production line 1. The raw materials were pickled with 1 production lines, with an annual capacity of 120000 tons.
           The main testing equipment used are: MAS2000 metallographic image analyzer, three-element automatic analyzer (GBS307B), infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer (CS286 series), TH301 Rockwell hardness tester, microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine (WEW1000), impact testing machine, ZGFII intelligent hardness sorter, CDG2000E microcomputer-controlled. Made fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detector, YJN2CH high strength bolt torque detector, MJF2 peak holding instrument and so on.

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