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        Sales Assistant



        1、Responsible for the company to answer the sales calls, product pricing, to sign the contract and other documents. Data management, classification, sorting, filing and custody

        2、Be responsible for the production, compilation and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports and reports of various sales targets and report the sales dynamics

        3、Responsible for collecting, sorting, summarizing market conditions, put forward the analysis report

        4、Assist the sales manager to do a good job of telephone interview, timely report the customer information when the sales staff is absent and handle it properly;

        5、Assist sales manager to do a good job in departmental internal affairs, records of various internal meetings and so on


        Job REQUIMENT

        1、College degree or above

        2、Has worked as a sales assistant or statistical worker preferred

        3、Serious, careful and responsible work

        4、Skilled use office and other office software

        5、A sense of service, to adapt to greater work pressure

        6、Smart and flexible, with strong communication and coordination


        Personnel Commissioner



        1、Assist higher level establishment and improvement of human resources system such as recruitment, training, salary, insurance, welfare, performance appraisal

        2、Establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts

        3、Implementation of human resources management practices of the operational processes and the implementation of various rules and regulations, with the work of other business sectors

        4、Collect relevant personnel policies and regulations such as labor and employment

        5、Implementation of recruitment workflow, coordination, handling staff recruitment, entry, leaving, transfer, promotion and other procedures

        6、Coordination of new employee induction, business training, executive training programs, external organization training and tracking of training effectiveness, feedback

        7、Responsible for employee salary settlement and annual salary declaration, apply for the corresponding social insurance

        8、Helps to establish employee relationships, coordinate employee and management relationships, and organize employee activities.


        Job Responsibilities

        1、Human resources or related professional college education

        3、Familiar with human resources management practices of the operational processes, familiar with the state laws and regulations of labor and personnel policies and practical operation

        4、Have good professional ethics, solid and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication, coordination, team spirit

        5、Skilled use of relevant office software, with basic network knowledge


        SALE MAN



        1、Responsible for sales and promotion of the company's products

        2、According to the marketing plan, complete departmental sales index

        3、Develop new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales

        4、Responsible for the area of market information collection and competitor analysis

        5、Responsible for sales planning and implementation of sales activities in the region, to complete sales tasks

        6、Management and maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation between customers


        Job Responsibilities

        1、College degree or above, marketing and other related majors

        2、1-2 years work experience in sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred

        3、Responsive, expressive ability, with strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity

        4、Have a certain degree of market analysis and judgment, a good sense of customer service;

        5、Responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure

        6、Teamwork spirit, good at challenges


        Export seller



        1、Implementation of the company's international trade business, the implementation of trade rules, explore the international market

        2、Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations and signing contracts

        3、Responsible for production tracking, shipping tracking

        4、Responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, service and other work

        5、Customer development and maintenance

        6、Collate and archive business related information

        7、Report of related business work


        Job Responsibilities

        1.College degree or above, international trade, business English related major

        2、Familiar with trade operation procedures and relevant laws and regulations, with expertise in the field of trade

        3、Have a higher level of English, a good level of computer operations, customs clearance and other related trade operation certificate is preferred

        4、Have good business development skills and business negotiation skills, public relations awareness, has a strong dedication, teamwork and ability to do things independently, the courage to open up and innovation

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